Mission Statement
The mission of Ohio Black Republicans Association is to maximize the growth and participation of
African Americans in the Republican Party
and be an educational resource on economic, social and political issues affecting African Americans at all levels of government.

As minority conservatives we fight for the Republican Party on the front line. We want you to know more about us and what we do. Please continue to explore our website and facebook page and, you are welcome to tweet us on twitter. Feel free to contact us to speak at your events and meetings. We would love to come out and share with you and your groups how we support the Republican Party with our community outreach programs, social media and much more. 



Thank you for visiting the primary online source of information about the Ohio Black Republicans Association (OBRA). This web site focuses primarily on topics of interest to our members and supporters. Besides informative and educational content this site contains links to other information and resources of interest. We encourage you to visit our site periodically to keep abreast of OBRA-sponsored and major state and national Republican events.

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